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The Firmware Update of LINGDONG INTELLIGENT APP Solution

Firmware upgrade refers to the controlling firmware that can support upgrading via the APP in the mobile phone which can be updated in real time. It mainly used for bug fixing, adding new features, optimizing the user experience in the APP.

What can the firmware upgrades do?

1. Optimizing Bugs. It can maintain and fix bugs in the old version of the APP.
2. Adding new features. The user can enjoy the new features with the same device after updating the new firmware.
3. Optimizing the customer experience. The users can solve the experience problem that they complained by one button to update the firmware.
4. Convenient and fast. The users don’t need to replace their device or burn the firmware, they can solve the problems just with one click on the APP.
We provide a complete hardware and software solutions based on IOT which perfectly solves the problem of firmware upgrade for purchased users. With our firmware upgrade solution, you can upgrade your device firmware to the latest version with a single click. You don’t need to learn the complicated firmware versions and unstable firmware upgrades, we just provide you the peace of mind, comprehensive, Convenient and continuous maintenance services.

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