JETSON is the most influential brand in the field of short-distance outdoor travel in the world. Cooperate with leading international retailers Walmart, COSTCO, Best Buy, etc. Products are sold all over the world.

LINGDONG INTELLIGENThas created a variety of high-tech and cost-effective products for it, and the cumulative shipment has reached more than 2 million sets. The exclusive App customized for Jetson by LINGDONG INTELLIGENT. At present, it is compatible with more than 30 models of balance bikes, scooters and eBike series. Since 2016, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT has updated three optimized versions for the Jetson App, and will continue to output high-quality solutions to focus on users.

1. Customize the exclusive Jetson App for Jetson, integrate the unified management of all models, and realize the focus and maximization of brand value.
2. Develop an independent back-end user and vehicle information management system for Jetson to more intuitively grasp the market direction and sales dynamics.
3. App continues to update and iterate, optimize user experience, and enhance market value.

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