SAMEBIKEis a research and development and sales of positioning intelligent short-distance travel equipment, focusing on the concept of fashion, portability, environmental protection and intelligence. The main research and development direction is assisted bicycles and electric bicycles in the direction of intelligent travel. It is a comprehensive scientific research base integrating technology, research and development and manufacturing.

LINGDONG INTELLIGENTprovide with a variety of eBike series of smart meters and other products, and the SAMEBIKE App with smart meters to intelligently control vehicles. In order to help customers better statistics user data. Lingdong Intelligent has developed a professional APP background data statistics system to help customers understand product sales and after-sales problems to guide product precision marketing strategies and new product development. Lingdong Intelligent relies on innovative IoT solutions. Reached a long-term strategic partnership with SAMEBIKE, and will work together to create brilliance;

1. Customize the exclusive SAMEBIKE App for SAMEBIKE, integrate the unified management of all models, and realize the focus and maximization of brand value.
2. Customize the exclusive after-sales system for the SAMEBIKE App, assist in the management of user and vehicle information, optimize business processes, and improve user experience.
3. User information privacy data is systematically managed in the background, and user privacy is fully protected.

Cooperative partner