BAFANGCommitted to the research and development of core technologies for electric drive systems such as motors, controllers, batteries and sensors for electric bicycles and two-wheeled vehicles .

LINGDONG INTELLIGENTProvide BAFANG with a variety of products such as smart screens used in eBike and high-speed electric motorcycle series. For its main product, high-speed electric motorcycle, a C Action 1 Pro-BF meter with simple and stylish appearance and powerful performance has been specially developed to support BAFANG's New off-road electric motorcycle. Off-road electric motorcycles are a great challenge to the instrument in terms of appearance, structure and internal performance. With its excellent IoT electric motorcycle solutions,LINGDONG INTELLIGENT has reached a strategic partnership with Bafang, and will join hands in the era of high-speed electric motorcycles.

1. Customize the exclusive BAFANG App for BAFANG, fully display the brand characteristics from the interface style and function, and realize the focus and maximization of the brand value.
2. Customize an exclusive after-sales system for BAFANG, better manage user information privacy data, and perform after-sales maintenance and management of vehicles.

Cooperative partner