KUGOOis the most influential brand in the field of short-distance travel in Russia and Europe. Its business scope includes scooters and eBike series. It mainly focuses on the concept of fashion, portability and green intelligence. With its unique product style, it has set off a boom in Europe, Russia and other regions.

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT provides KUGOO with scooter series and eBike series solutions. The cumulative shipment has reached more than 700,000 sets. Assist KUGOO in solving short-distance travel solutions, provide users with a full range of travel services, and enhance the competitiveness of KUGOO brand.

1. The brand-new customized App interface brings unique experience to users and realizes the focus and maximization of brand value.
2. Develop an independent background user and vehicle information management system for KUGOO, and grasp the market direction and sales dynamics more intuitively.
3. The app is continuously updated and iterative, continuously optimized to improve the user experience, and make the product more suitable for the market demand.

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