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LINGDONG INTELLIGENT enter to the e-bike industry

(Nov. 10, 2017, Shenzhen) On November 10, 2017, Shenzhen LINGDONG INTELLIGENT enter to the e-bike industry. The change of technology has made our travel mode more abundant. Sales of bicycles in Europe and the United States have been falling in recent years, according to market research, but the e-Bike have been growing at a high rate. This is actually the consumption escalation caused by economic growth and the travel demand and health demand brought by the urbanization process.
The products of LINGDONG INTELLIGENT currently include hoverboard, electric scooters, electric four-wheel scooters, etc., and Now it has increased the field of e-Bike and has launched the successful IoT solution with domestic e-Bike manufacturers. A warm welcome to come to consult e-Bike product solutions and APP solutions!