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(November 16, 2017, UShenzhen)In 2017 November,LINGDONG INTELLIGENT Assist TaoTao Intelligent Develop the New Products of Four-wheel Skateboard Controlling Board
The new features of this product are:
1. The four-wheeled skateboard with this new controller has the dual controlling mode of remote control and body control. As for the body control, it is more precise and controllable than the traditional remote control. It is easier to control the speed and change the vehicle’s attitude.
2. Two pressure sensors are placed in the head and tail of the four-wheel skateboard. The MCU converts the pressure signal into a stable digital signal through complex algorithms and sends it to the main controller to drive the motor to execute your command.
3. TaoTao motherboard for electric four-wheel skateboard can compatible with brushless motors, wheel motors and so on.
4. It has self-protection features, such as when the motor temperature is too high, the motor will stop rotating to ensure the user’s safety at any time.
5. TaoTao motherboard for electric four-wheel skateboard supports customizing the function of low battery or over speed voice warnings, and also the voice warnings support multi-language customization services.
6. It supports to upgrade the firmware of the controlling board via the APP on the smartphone which can be updated in real time.
7. With the whole new powerful four-wheel skateboard APP design, it adds the new functions of measuring user’s weight and controlling the vehicle’s status (like moving forward and brake).And also the new APP supports for English, French, Russian and other multi-language customization services.
8. The APP provides customers with a professional data collection platform which can achieve accurate marketing and improve conversion rates.

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