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LINGDONG INTELLIGENT Provide TOMOLOO with Customized Speedom

(December 14, 2017, Shenzhen) On December 14, 2017, the customized embedded speedometer solution that LINGDONG INTELLIGENT provide TOMOLOO is drawing to a close.

Design Interpretation: The appearance of this embedded digital speedometer is extremely concise and fully demonstrated the whole functionality without too complicated. And the speedometer is designed with a highlighted screen which allows users to view the data clearly even in the strong sunlight. The power bar with the frame design in the speedometer is to avoid vacancy sense after power consumption and reminds the rider to recharge the vehicle at the same time.The screen can display Bluetooth logo mark to remind the user to turn on the Bluetooth on the phone for connection; the speed display allows users to check the data while riding and adjust their speed in real time; brand logo will display through each switch which would enhance the product recognition in the user's mind and improve the user’s loyalty to the brand.
Why choose the embedded style? LINGDONG INTELLIGENT suggested TOMOLOO choose embedded style after a thorough communication to fully understand their needs.There are two reasons for doing it: First, the outlook of embedded speedometer is relatively high-end, and placed it in the middle of the scooter allows the users to view the real-time data while riding which is more secure than place on the side; Second, the embedded speedometer does not require the shell, so you can save the shell design, mold, and production costs to ensure that the cost has been optimized to the greatest on the premise of outlook and quality.
Why choose digital tube material? LINGDONG INTELLIGENT as a professional outdoor travel IOT solution provider point of view, the digital tube material is stable and has the appearance of high-end visual effects, the most important thing is that this embedded speedometer can be waterproof, anti-fall, a solid quality which will not be easily damaged. In addition, this digital tube material speedometer can reduce costs to its best compared to the LCD screen speedometer. It can be described as a cost-effective speedometer in the outdoor travel vehicle accessories industry.
Can it also control by APP? The biggest highlight of this embedded digital speedometer is the APP function which means that you can connect the vehicle to your phone by wireless Bluetooth communication. What’s more, lots of features like controlling vehicle lighting color and status, speed odometer display, social challenges and personal settings for sensitivities can all be done within the app.