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The Release Conference of Tesla Semi Truck

(November 16, 2017, USA) 8 pm on November 16, another exciting launch event will be written in Tesla's history: Before the release, the silhouette of this electric semi truck drew the world's attention. Today, the mysterious veil was finally unveiled.

Tesla Semi Truck applied with the set of three axes, six sets of tires, there are all motor parts and electric motors under the bottom of the cockpit. This allows the Tesla Semi to have an 800-kilometer cruising range. While nearly 80 percent of the nation's road transport mileage is within 400 km which means that this electric behemoth is far more useful than we imagined. Of course, the precondition is to have enough DC-DC charging station which can provide about 640km battery life within about 30 minutes.

The electric motor that Tesla Semi Truck applied has the features of no need to shift gear and torque balancing output. This not only brings more powerful performance but also can significantly reduce the driving difficulty and threshold. Tesla said that it only takes about 5 seconds to reach 0-100km / h with the head, even with 36 tons of containers can only take 20 seconds to reach 100km / h cruise speed. This is undoubtedly a revolutionary evolution compared to the traditional full load acceleration.

As to deceleration, Tesla Semi Truck extensively applied the energy recovery system which can convert up to 98% coasting power to battery power. Tesla said this Semi Truck does not need to change the brake system in theory because most of the brake force comes from the motor system, not the traditional brake wear. The smoother, faster braking and better head performance help to achieve the smoothness of road transportation.

Lastly, Tesla Semi Truck is equipped with Tesla's exclusive AutoPilot assistive technology including safety brake, lane offset assist and lane keeping systems, all of them are listed as standard equipment and more likely to be upgraded to a full automatic driving system in the future. Mid driver's seat provides more than 180 degrees, zero dead angle driving vision, 360-degree integration of landscape technology to eliminate the possibility of hitting obstacles with low speed. In addition, when facing the danger during the emergency braking, Tesla Semi Truck can integrate the ESP tracking system for rear trailers and breakpoint control for independent wheelsets to ensure that the deceleration effect is both solid and safe.

And with the help of the Tesla AutoPilot system, Semi Truck can even drive in groups. With the leading truck being equipped with human driving and the following truck combined with the autopilot system follows the leading truck's path automatically. This can dramatically reduce the necessity of human drivers thus enhances transport efficiency. Tesla Semi Truck is expected to begin mass production in 2019 and is currently accepting advance orders for $ 5,000.