Blade 1
Blade 1

(Electric motorcycle Smart Screen - Blade 1)

Electric motorcycle Smart Screen - Blade 1

Blade 1's ultra-thin, waterproof and TFT color screen design makes Blade 1 more beautiful. The integrated screen design makes the display more concise and beautiful, and supports multi-functional customization. Blade 1 has gear, speed, mileage, battery, vehicle information and a series of data that riders or sports enthusiasts want to know when exercising

Product Description

* Bluetooth BLE4.0 protocol
* The screen displays gear mode, speed, battery status, mileage status, Bluetooth connection status, light status
* Power on/off, mode switch, Bluetooth reset, light control, mileage switch, cruise control can be performed through the stopwatch button and dial
* The APP can operate: enter the Bluetooth password to connect to the computer, view the speed, total mileage, single mileage, battery status, mode switching, standby, view the map track, modify the Bluetooth name, modify the Bluetooth password, cruise control, switch the public mile, Maximum speed setting, power intensity setting, self-test
* With waterproof function, it is connected to the controller through a waterproof plug, which is easy to install and disassemble