(Bluetooth Two-channel Stereo)

Bluetooth Two-channel Stereo

BM02 is a BLE4.0 Bluetooth music module with Bluetooth stereo transmission. With Bluetooth call function, stable input performance and strong signal reception. Compact appearance and high cost performance, can meet a variety of customer needs.

Application field

* Mainly used for short distance music transmission, can be convenient to achieve wireless music transmission
* Integrated FM and MMC card play function, high cost performance
* Independent molding universal version
* With Bluetooth music function, can support customized language services such as on/off voice prompt, overspeed voice alert
* Bluetooth stereo transmission, support Bluetooth call, Bluetooth stereo headset, Bluetooth dialing device, Bluetooth partner, Bluetooth speaker and other products
* Remote control equipment

Bluetooth music parameters:

• Complies with the standard Bluetooth BLE4.0 specification
• Module integrates the power management circuit
• Supports Bluetooth name customization and voice customization
• Supports intelligent voice broadcast, such as overspeed and low power
• Multiple I/O ports, supply with expansion use, support USB sound card
• Support UART serial communication and custom AT communication protocol
• Low power Bluetooth stereo vocal call function +TF card +FM+Line IN full function single chip module