(Bluetooth Two-channel Stereo)

Bluetooth Two-channel Stereo

BM03 is a Bluetooth music module with intelligent wireless audio data transmission function and supports BLE4.2 specification. It has the characteristics of high integration, small size, low power consumption and fast transmission speed. Bluetooth stereo transmission, Bluetooth call function. The input performance is stable and the information received is strong. Just need to connect the chip to the application product, you can quickly realize the wireless transmission of music, enjoy the fun of Bluetooth chip.

Application field

* Mainly used for short-distance music transmission which can easily achieve the wireless music transmission
* Integrated FM and MMC card play function, cost-effective
* Independent molding normal version
* Bluetooth music function supports language and switch, over speed voice customization
* Bluetooth stereo transmission, Bluetooth communication, Bluetooth stereo headphones, Bluetooth dial-up, Bluetooth companion, Bluetooth speakers etc
* Remote control devices

Bluetooth music parameters:

• Complies with the standard Bluetooth BLE4.0 specification
• Module integrates the power management circuit
• Supports Bluetooth name customization and voice customization
• Supports intelligent voice broadcast, such as overspeed and low power
• Multiple IO ports, supply with extension is used, support USB sound card
• Support UART serial communication and custom AT communication protocol
• Low power Bluetooth stereo vocal call function +TF card +FM+Line IN full function single chip module
• Support the standard UART communication interface, can flexibly realize the specified address play, specified file name play and other modes./span>