Spark 1
Spark 1

(LED Smart Screen Spark1)

LED Smart Screen Spark1

Spark1 is a LED smart Screen, which can shows the mode, speed, power status, mileage status, bluetooth connection status, lighting status, and supports smart APP.

* Bluetooth BLE4.0 protocol.
* The Screen shows the mode, speed, battery status, mileage status, bluetooth connection status and light state.
* Switch machine, mode conversion, bluetooth reset, light control, range switching and cruise control can be carried out through the code table button and the dial.
* By APP can operate: bluetooth password input connection chart, check the speed, total mileage, single mileage, state power, the mode switch, standby, view map path, modify the bluetooth name, modify the wireless password, cruise control, GongYing switch, setting the maximum velocity, dynamic strength, self-checking
* Have waterproof function, connect with the controller through waterproof plug, easy to install and disassemble.