Spark 2
Spark 2

(eBike Smart Screen Spark 2)

eBike Smart Screen Spark 2

Spark 2 is a small, lightweight, wireless-connected screen. The Spark 2 is designed with high water resistance to make it more attractive and durable. The Spark 2 has speed, power, gear, and a whole host of other stats that cyclists or fitness fanatics want to know when they're working out. The Spark 2's large digital display ensures that you can easily read data on the dial. Make sure riders can read the dial clearly from a distance. Instant myopic users can also quickly learn about the condition of the vehicle.

Product Description:

· Bluetooth BLE4.0 protocol
· Screen displays battery status, gear mode and Bluetooth connection status
· Switch on and off, adjust gear, reset Bluetooth password and cruise at fixed speed can be carried out by button and dial of code table
· Through the App, you can perform the following operations: enter the Bluetooth password connection code table and change the Bluetooth name/password
· View real-time speed/average speed/maximum speed
· Check the range/total range, gear/light/cruise/start mode and other functional controls
· Record cycling track, view vehicle self-test information and so on