C Action 1
C Action 1

(eBike Smart Screen C Action 1)

eBike Smart Screen C Action 1

The ultra-thin, waterproof and LCD screen design of the C Action 1 screen makes it more designable. The integrated screen design makes the display more concise and beautiful, and supports multi-functional customization. C Action 1 has a series of data that riders or sports enthusiasts want to know when exercising, such as gears, speed, mileage, battery power, and vehicle information.

Product Description

· Black and white high contrast, suitable for various outdoor riding environments
· Combined with the combination button for multi-function switching, real-time viewing of mileage and speed details
· Overall 2.4-inch LCD screen design, all functions are displayed on one screen, and the space utilization rate is high
· Hook base design, can be adjusted to any angle
· Ultra-narrow frame design of the shell is both beautiful and stylish