C Action 1 Pro
C Action 1 Pro

(eBike Smart Screen C Action 1 Pro)

eBike Smart Screen C Action 1 Pro

The C Action 1 Pro has an ultra-thin, waterproof and TFT color screen design, which makes the C Action 1 Pro more technologically advanced. Integrated screen design, the display is more concise and beautiful, and supports multi-functional customization. C Action 1 Pro is a 2.4-inch TFT full-color LCD display that integrates gear, speed, mileage, battery, and vehicle information. Commonly used for external center screens on eBike electric bikes. Screen portrait design. The App Bluetooth module can be configured in the instrument, with App functions, and the vehicle functions and status can be controlled through the App.

Product Description

· TFT intelligent color screen realizes multi-screen switching, more technological sense
· Combined with the combination button to switch between multiple screens, switch to display the total mileage ODO, single mileage Trip
· The overall 2.4-inch screen design, all functions are displayed on one screen, and the space utilization rate is high
· Hook base design, can be adjusted to any angle