(Smart 2G board with GPS for the emergency rescue)

Smart 2G board with GPS for the emergency rescue

G2 is a four-frequency smart positioning anti-theft bluetooth board, suitable for navigation, positioning, travel and other scenes.

* 4 frequency MHZ 850/900/850/900
* GPRS multi-gap level 12/10.
* GPRS mobile station grade B.
* CE certification
* Bluetooth BLE4.0 protocol.
* Suitable for navigation, positioning, travel, etc.
* Provide continuous positioning, speed alarm, burglar alarm, call communication, remote control and one-button distress call.
* By APP can operate: the bluetooth connection, name and password modification, check the speed, the total mileage, single mileage, state power, standby, the map path, cruise control, dynamic strength, self-check, mobile communications, set up emergency contacts and custom electronic fence
* low power consumption, good stability and quick response.