(Intelligent dual-template card UL05)

Intelligent dual-template card UL05

The UL05 BLUETOOTH board card is our strictly tested board card, suitable for all kinds of balance car and scooter products. By installing the corresponding APP on the mobile phone, the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is connected with the Bluetooth of the board card, and the speed of the balance car can be reported to the mobile APP to display the speed in real time. Control RGB light band through mobile APP, play mobile music. This product has stable performance and strong compatibility.

• Wide voltage input, 12V-45V can work for a long time
• Bluetooth name customization, power-on voice customization
• Bluetooth App chip TI CC2541, Bluetooth music chip RDA 5856ETE
• Integrated filter-free digital modulation technology
• Android, Apple, PC all universal
• Eight-channel 12-bit ADC, AES security coprocessor
• UART interface, supporting multiple serial protocols
• Intelligent voice interstitial function, can meet a variety of customer needs