(Intelligent dual-template card UL06mini)

Intelligent dual-template card UL06mini

UL06mini is a two-in-one smart board for Bluetooth music and Bluetooth App. Vehicle adjustment is realized through the transparent transmission function. The Bluetooth music remote control function realizes two-channel stereo output. The received signal is strong, and the color and brightness of the vehicle's RGB lights can be adjusted. Strong compatibility, compact appearance and high cost performance. Support firmware upgrade function and meet customer customization requirements.

• Wide voltage input, 12V-45V can work for a long time
• Bluetooth name customization, boot voice customization
• Bluetooth online upgrade board program firmware
• App to upgrade controller firmware program over the air
• Ultra-fast response speed of 0.4 microseconds
• Universal for Android, Apple and PC
• Octal 12-bit ADC, AES security co-processor
• UART interface, supports multiple serial protocols
• Intelligent voice insertion function can meet the various needs of customers