Tomoloo had encountered that Amazon defined scooters as a dangerous product due to the battery explosion event, so Amazon had banned to sell scooters. However, Tomoloo faced the difficulty directly and invested a large amount of capital to research and develop the new products of the self-balancing scooters. And LingDong Intelligence helped Tomoloo to develop the new product and provide a new technology of customized IOT solution for Tomoloo and make his new products with more distinctive features and original from other products. This cooperation helped Tomoloo becomes a dark horse in the market in 2016. LingDong Intelligence assisted Tomoloo to sell more than 130,000 scooters successfully with APP function, generated about 150 million in sales and 30 million in profits. LingDong Intelligence achieved to sell up to 100,000+ APP modules just in Tomoloo through this cooperation and makes our IOT solution applied in the leading US brands enterprise successfully.

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