LINGDONG INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. (LINGDONG INTELLIGENT) is located in North of High-Tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. LINGDONG INTELLIGENT is the world’s leading IoT solutions provider in personal outdoor vehicles. The LINGDONG INTELLIGENT company mainly serves the manufacturers and brands both domestic and international,  provides them with whole IoT solutions in the field of self-balancing scooters, two-wheel electric scooter, four-wheeled skateboard, e-Bike, Electric motorcycle and other outdoor travel products.
LINGDONG INTELLIGENT is a fast-growing and innovative technology company, which insists on devoting 20% of its profits to R & D each year and brings continuous innovation to make the great value to our customers. The company offers IoT solutions, including the network communication hardware design, the customized APP design, and the data platform servers design. We have achieved the data exchange between the users, vehicles, roads, and clouds with the original architecture platform design in the world.
LINGDONG INTELLIGENT has been inheriting to take our customers’ needs first and focusing on developing the personal outdoor vehicles. We have provided over 100 brands with IoT solutions in Europe and the United States. With 3 times of annual growth,We have shipped more than 10,000,000 PCS IoT modules to the global market and achieved more than 100 million USD in total. LINGDONG INTELLIGENT has gradually become the leading company in the business.
Our mission is to make the worldwide personal travel safer, smarter, and greener. We hope to achieve a more technological and intelligent connection between the users and vehicles in the future.