Hoverboard - Lead the Hoverboard into Intelligent Era with IOT Solutions

Outdoor Hoverboard

Nowadays, the competition in the hoverboards industry is extremely fierce in the global market, so intelligence, playability, differentiation is the key to success.
LINGDONG INTELLIGENT gives hoverboard manufacturers and hoverboard fans unique perspectives to showcase and research the hoverboard's intelligence and fun in the new ways: On the one hand, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT can provide hoverboard brand clients with customized IOT solution. On the other hand, we can also provide our clients with customized APP according to their actual needs on the function and interface which making the hoverboards enter into the wireless Bluetooth communication era.
As for the App customized features, this including the light color status, social section, speed section, and custom function etc. What’s more, APP supports the wireless firmware upgrade function that allows customers to upgrade the latest version and latest features without having to change devices. The users can make a social network via the customized lighting color status and social function. Our whole IOT solutions bring so much cooler intuitive feeling and visual shock. Also, the brand manufactures can more accurately define the customer portrait and advertising direction to improve conversion rate via the APP background data collection platform. In addition, our clients can self-define the data collection function to guide the new product development.

SOLUTION:Self-balancing scooter with IOT solution
PRODUCTS:BL10 or BL12 App module, UL05 or UL06Mini Bluetooth music board

TOMOLOO is a brand company of electric vehicles and short-distance travel solution, focusing on the stability, safety, and fashion of their products.
Challenge: In order to break through the existing hoverboards in the market, TOMOLOO decides to develop a self-balancing intelligent scooter K series which ahead of the hoverboards. How to make the K series safe, stable, intelligent, interesting, and highly recognizable at the same time, becomes a difficult issue that TOMOLOO needs to solve.


Hardware Design:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT fully understand TOMOLOO's problem and make a customized hardware design for Bluetooth APP module and Bluetooth music board for them.
Under the premise of stability and security, we design these two parts according to our customer’s functional needs. The hardware that we design not only meets our client’s need, they save costs. LINGDONG INTELLIGENT will offer the appropriate professional advice while fully considering our customer’s interest at the same time.
With the help of the hardware design, Q3 can achieve the customization of Bluetooth APP and music communication via smartphones.

APP Solution:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT designed a customized APP solution after fully communicating with TOMOLOO. The main functions include remotely turn on / off the vehicle, real-time display of riding speed, light color and status controlling, map navigation, music playing, social contest design, personal parameters setting and multiple models integrated into the same APP which will not affect each other.
The light control function makes Q3 way much cooler. Music playing function means that you can play music on the Q3 music speaker via the Bluetooth APP on your mobile phone so that you can enjoy the music without the headset during your ride. This makes the ride all fun and safe at the same time.
LINGDONG INTELLIGENT support integrating different vehicle models into the one same APP. This means the user can get into the specific user interface(UI) when he chooses the model number to connect while launching the APP for the first time, and different model will not affect each other including the UI and functions. With the support of such a strong powerful APP, our customers can achieve the APP management conveniently and efficiently at a low cost.

Back-end Data Solution:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT developed a professional APP Back-end Data System to help our clients check their product sales and after-sales issues so that they can use it to guide their marketing strategies and new product development.
By using Back-end Data System, our clients can check the user login data, user information, vehicle information, and vehicle activity in real-time. This helps our clients to know their worldwide sales including product popularity in order to make a more precise distribution of marketing resources and sales channels.
In addition, the Back-end Data System can also provide maintenance solutions, send push information, send operational advertising news and customize the data content functions. The back-end solutions not only bring more efficient and convenient management and operation platform but also create higher value in strategic planning, operation and management, new product development and market operation to our clients.