e-Bike Achieve Smart Ride with IOT Solutions

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The revolution of technology has made our way of traveling richer. The market research shows that the bike sales in Europe and US continued to decline in recent years, but the e-Bike has been growing rapidly. This is caused by the phenomenon of consumer upgrades accompanied by economic growth and urbanization which brought the healthy travel needs.
Due to the three thousand dollars vacancy of the e-Bike in the market, a technical breakthrough in the electric auxiliary system and mass production will happen and bring a highly cost-effective solution. As a traveling tool between man-powered bikes and motor vehicles, e-Bikes have the features of bicycles, power-assisted bicycles, and electric vehicles and become the first choice for more and more users.
However, as a high-end and power-assisted travel tool, e-Bike s are urgently needed to access the Internet and become the smart and healthy travel solutions providers.

SOLUTION:e-Bike IOT Travel Solution
PRODUCT:TFW01S Bluetooth APP Board

FREEWHEEL is a brand company that focusing on the R & D and sales of intelligent short-distance travel equipment which is mainly about the concept of fashionable, portable, environment-friendly, and intelligent. The main research directions are the intelligent self-balancing vehicles, smart e-Bikes, and robots. FREEWHEEL is an integrated research base in production, learning, and research.
Challenge: In order to develop a healthy intelligent e-Bike with stylish outlook and foldable features to fill the three thousand dollars vacancy of the e-Bike in the market, FREEWHEEL has been looking for the IOT solution providers with a differentiated new technology to enhancetheir competitiveness, and they found about LINGDONG INTELLIGENT through a friend's introduction and brought up their customized functionalre quirements.
Previously, FREEWHEEL learned about other IOT solution providers, but many of them lack specialized and unified solutions in such a competitive market.


Hardware Design:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT customized an appropriate hardware design of Bluetooth APP board according to the customer's needs, we used the combination of the Bluetooth APP module and the antenna in one board to meet customer's needs and save cost.
LINGDONG INTELLIGENT will offer our own professional advice when listened to our customer's needs at the same time, such as suggesting to produce with the SMT(Surface Mounted Technology) rather than artificial welding to save cost with the same effect. LINGDONG INTELLIGENT will provide our clients with comprehensive solutions.
This small piece of board can meet the network needs for e-Bike D2 and support to check all kinds of functions by connecting to the mobile phone APP.

APP Solution:

The main features of the customized APP designed for FREEWHEEL include riding track record and sharing, speed adjusting, different riding modes, zero-speed or non-zero speed start, self-check function, APP lock with anti-theft function.
The track record function is that the APP automatically records the route track from the starting position to the ending position of the ride and supports sharing the record with the social media; the speed adjusting function is the users can change the vehicle’s speed up to 30km/h via app and it can ride 30-50km with one single charge after installing the power auxiliary system; the different riding modes means there are beginner, normal, advanced 3 modes to choose and different mode corresponds to different maximum speed; self-check function means the APP supports one button to do self-diagnosis the vehicle itself; APP locking function is that you can lock your e-Bike by setting a password on the APP and then you need input the password to unlock it, this can achieve anti-theft function.
In addition, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT considered FREEWHEEL has a variety of models so we developed one app that can integrate all their models. As for this point, the problem for multiple app management has been solved. One powerful APP can solve all customer’s pain points!

Back-end Data Solution:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT developed a professional APP Back-end Data System to help our clients check their product sales and after-sales issues so that they can use it to guide their marketing strategies and new product development.
By using Back-end Data System, our clients can check the user login data, user information, vehicle information, and vehicle activity in real-time. This helps our clients to know their worldwide sales including product popularity in order to make a more precise distribution of marketing resources and sales channels.
In addition, the Back-end Data System can also provide maintenance solutions, send push information, send operational advertising news and customize the data content functions. The back-end solutions not only bring more efficient and convenient management and operation platform but also create higher value in strategic planning, operation and management, new product development and market operation to our clients.