Four-wheeled Skateboard - Redefined with IOT Solutions

Travel Fun with Four-wheeled Skateboard

The consumer groups of electric four-wheeled skateboards limited to a few outdoor sports enthusiasts as leisure toys worldwide. However, there are lots of foreign countries allow riders to ride the four-wheeled skateboards on the street so that the market capacity is larger for its short-distance transportation.With the growth of China's economy, the increasing popularity of vehicles brings more traffic jams, portable short-distance vehicles have developed rapidly.
In order to promote the intelligent development of electric four-wheel skateboards, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT developed a whole IOT solutions forfour-wheeled skateboards to keep up with the rapid development of this category.
Among the IOT solutions, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT have the features including Bluetooth speakers and LED flashlights which allow users to view and control skateboard information on the mobile APP, as well as add social functions.

SOLUTION:Electric Four-wheeled Skateboard IOT Solutions
PRODUCT:BL01 or BL08 Bluetooth APP Module

TOMOLOO is a brand company of electric vehicles and short-distance travel solution, focusing on the stability, safety, and fashion of their products.
Challenge: The four-wheeled skateboard that TOMOLOO developed not only has the outlook of cool styling but also uses the carbon fiber material to ensure the product quality. With the quality assurance, it needs to highlight the differences and intelligence. TOMOLOO realized that in this intelligent era, electric four-wheeled skateboards must add networking capabilities.
Since LINGDONG INTELLIGENT has reached an agreement on cooperation with self-balancing scooters, TOMOLOO assigned us to provide customized IOT solutions for them.


Hardware Design:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT fully communicated the product commands with TOMOLOO and designed the customized hardware Bluetooth APP module for them.
Under the condition of ensuring the stability and safety of the product, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT minimized the number of hardware and firmware functions according to our customer functional requirements. This meets actual needs and makes the product design economic. LINGDONG INTELLIGENT made the appropriate professional advice like hardware production and installation guidance and considered our clients interest at the same time.
Only Relying on this one piece of hardware, the four-wheeled skateboard can be achieved with networking capabilities and available for customizing functions and content in the APP.

APP Solution:

The APP functions that we designed for the four-wheeled skateboard include APP control on / off, APP remote control, real-time speed display, power check, riding track record, lighting control, social challenge, and firmware upgrade.
The four-wheel skateboard not only supports body control and transmitter control but also supports APP remote control; the user's riding track can be automatically recorded in the APP for checking; the limited speed on the skateboard can be set via the APP; the switch of the headlights and taillights can be controlled by the APP; the APP supports firmware upgrade function which allows the user to update the new features with only one click on the same device.
In addition, LINGDONGINTELLIGENT stands from the customer's point of view, integrating its four-wheeled skateboard into the self-balancing scooter APP so that enables our customer to centrally manage multiple models in one APP.

Back-end Data Solution:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT developed a professional APP Back-end Data System to help our clients check their product sales and after-sales issues so that they can use it to guide their marketing strategies and new product development.
By using Back-end Data System, our clients can check the user login data, user information, vehicle information, and vehicle activity in real-time. This helps our clients to know their worldwide sales including product popularity in order to make a more precise distribution of marketing resources and sales channels.
In addition, the Back-end Data System can also provide maintenance solutions, send push information, send operational advertising news and customize the data content functions. The back-end solutions not only bring more efficient and convenient management and operation platform but also create higher value in strategic planning, operation and management, new product development and market operation to our clients.