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Nowadays, two-wheeled electric mobility scooter’s intellectual development is slow, reliability, intelligence, differentiation is the key to success.
LINGDONG INTELLIGENT brings a new design and interactive experience to electric scooter manufacturers and end users to showcase the stability and smart communication of electric scooters in a more innovative way: On the one hand, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT can provide customized solutions for electric scooter brand companies according to their actual needs, and offer our clients constructive suggestions with professional knowledge to make the products more stable and reliable; On the other hand, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT has been constantly developing new functions and new sections, digging in the real needs deeply in the actual use of the scene. In addition, our solutions can meet the basic needs of users and lead the user to a more intelligent era.
With the help of our powerful back-end data statistics, the brand company can use the data to guide precision marketing and new product development.

SOLUTION:Two-wheeled Electric Scooter IOT Solution
PRODUCTS:Embedded Speedometer、BL03 Bluetooth APP Module

KOOWHEEL is a brand company in outdoor travel vehicles which focuses on designing the products from the perspective of the users. They hope to make the outdoor travel more convenient and interesting.
Challenge: In order to develop a high-end out electric scooters which is foldable, stylish, and differentiated with the wireless communication function, KOOWHEEL has been looking for IOT solutions with new technology to enhance their competitiveness. When it comes to hardware andsoftware IOT solution, KOOWHEEL thinks LINGDONG INTELLIGENT’s IOT solution is quite suitable for them.
Before that, KOOWHEEL had tried using other solutions, but the service was not guaranteed due to the highly competitive market. Although they saw the application prospect of personal scooter with wireless Bluetooth APP technology in the industry, they were very disappointed with the lack of a whole complete IOT solution.


Hardware Design:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT listened to our client’s needs and pain points and designed an embedded speedometer with the app for KOOWHEEL. Inorderto fold the scooter to the smallest, the speedometer placed in the middle so that both the handles can be designed foldable to meet ourclient’s need.
In addition, we applied in LED segment displays for its similarity to LCD screen. However, the LED segment displays cost much less than LCD screen and it is more durable and unbreakable. The screen applied with a high-brightness material so that the users can watch the screen clearly even in a strong sunlight situation.
The LED segment displays designed to show the speed and battery bar in real time which is simple and meets the actual needs. There are more customized features in the APP, the users can enjoy other functions as long as they download the app and connect it to their phone by Bluetooth.

APP Solution:

The APP that we designed for KOOWHEEL includes the main features of music playing, light customizing, map navigating, battery status displaying, social challenging between riders and personal setting etc.
The users can customize the color and status of the front light bar according to their preference via the APP which brings a cool and interesting experience to them; the riders can play music during their ride which is controlled by the APP; when the users plan a riding route, they can refer to the navigation track in the APP; when the vehicle is in low battery, the APP on the phone will pop up a message to remind users to recharge; the users can add friends and throw riding activities and challenges via the APP; the riders can adjust the brake sensitivity or submit malfunctions and advises through the setting section in the APP.
In addition, LINGDONG INTELLIGENT team members considered a variety of vehicle models are hard to manage for our clients. As to this point, we designed the function that muti-models can be integrated into one APP which is way more convenient to manage and collect data for our clients. A powerful APP can solve all our customers’ problems!

Back-end Data Solution:

LINGDONG INTELLIGENT developed a professional APP Back-end Data System to help our clients check their product sales and after-sales issues so that they can use it to guide their marketing strategies and new product development.
By using Back-end Data System, our clients can check the user login data, user information, vehicle information, and vehicle activity in real-time. This helps our clients to know their worldwide sales including product popularity in order to make a more precise distribution of marketing resources and sales channels.
In addition, the Back-end Data System can also provide maintenance solutions, send push information, send operational advertising news and customize the data content functions. The back-end solutions not only bring more efficient and convenient management and operation platform but also create higher value in strategic planning, operation and management, new product development and market operation to our clients.